HELLO HELLO. As you hopefully noticed, Grijswit is wearing a fresh new jacket. Found a beautiful new theme from Light Morango for wordpress and moved from blogger to this platform! Let’s just say ‘been there, done that!’. The new theme, in my opinion, feels like it’s a perfect fit and of course I hope you’ll agree.

Anyway… to share some of these fresh vibes of the new Grijswit look, I’ll have a downloadable background for you. It’s a funky, yet stylish background. Download it here and please let me know what you think of it + SHARE SOME LOVE.

Soon I’ll post what to expect of the new Grijswit website +  you will be able to win something AMAAAAAAZING in collaboration with a beautiful brand to celebrate the new launch! Make sure to have a peek on this blog from time to time!



Under construction


Grijswit - Emmy Cleophas

As you can see this blog is quite empty.  Don’t worry though because soon this place will be filled with all of my brainwaves, interior inspiration, wish lists, moodboards and plenty of other awesomeness. Fresh thoughts are coming your way soon. To stay updated for now you can check out my instagram + facebook.

➖ Keep you updated!